Team Formation

If possible, please leave your children at home. 

This event is for parents to work though creating a team.  A teams consist of 5-7 students each in one of the following three divisions: Primary (K-2), Div 1 (2-5), Div 2(6-8), Div 3 (9-12)

It is best for all team members to be around the same grade level. In addition, a parent needs to be willing to serve as a Coach as we are an all-volunteer organization. Coaching is very rewarding and we provide training for each coach annually and mentoring for all new coaches.  

Teams, coached by parent volunteers, will select one of five competitive problems that foster STEM enrichment activities, while they develop teamwork skills and complete their projects within budget and on time!


At the Parent Information Night

Parents will sign up at the entrance and then sit a table that has their school name.

1. A brief presentation is given on the Odyssey program.

2. The floor is open to questions.

3. The parents then work together to try to form a team.

4. If you can’t connect your child with a team at your school, you may try to work with teams from another school in the same division.

5. When you have a team of 5-7 and a parent volunteer to coach, come up and see us.

6. Volunteers will be floating through the room to help facilitate the process.

7. We cannot guarantee placement of all kids on a team; Coaches are the limiting factor.

8. Parents will be given a link to register their child online and pay a registration fee.