What Did SC OotM Do For Me?


"I am about to start work as a trial lawyer after graduating from Columbia Law School. Odyssey of the Mind forced me to develop independence, creativity, and problem solving skills that set me apart from my peers in school and in the work place. Peope are regularly astonished by creative solutions that I recommend, but they do not realize I have been practicing since I was 11. I enjoyed working odd hours with my team. That too is a critical part of my job. When others are fading, I blast show tunes and get cranking it out faster!"

-- Chris Dachnewsky


"I'm a rising senior at the University of St Andrews, in St Andrews, Scotland. There I sit on the board of trustees of the university and of our Students' Union as the student assessor to (what equates to) the President of the university. I'm involved in a not for profit public service organization called the Fellowship of St Andrews, and do press and social media marketing for whatever event or organization will let me. This summer I'm in a Fellowship program with Bully Pulpit Interactive, a political digital strategy firm, and in the past have worked with Battleground Texas and Senator Tom Udall.  Odyssey of the Mind was definitely the most formative thing I ever did. Not only did it give me my two best friends (and we're still best friends today), but it also taught me that every problem has a solution - a lesson that's pervaded into every aspect of my life. Without OM I wouldn't have had the courage to leave the country for school, and my family's involvement in it (both of my sisters were on a team, one of which my mother coached) strengthened the support structure that I had back home. In the future, I hope to work on political campaigns... and I think I know where I get the requisite affinity for low budget, time limited problem solving, and creative solutions from."

-- Annie Newman


"I just moved to Atlanta to take a job as a senior quality engineer for a growing medical device company. Odyssey helped me so much in this field particularly in overcoming stage fright. I direct entire meetings to all of the VP’s in our business! The other side is my critical thinking, problem solving, and creative thinking skills- Odyssey pushed my previous skills to new limits it always demanded a my very highest level resulting in both unique solutions and thoughts!"

-- David Wilkerson


"I am two semesters from graduating from Texas Tech University with my BS in computer engineering with a minor in mathematics. Odyssey lead me to choose the path of being an engineer, because in my roll as an engineer I am allowed to think creatively like I was taught through odyssey. It has put me ahead of some of my peers because of my knowledge of stage presence I am more confidence when having to give technical presentations."

-- Emilie Featherston