In The Right Spot

JUDGES: Tell teams when they enter that this is a hands-on problem. Then, read the following:

This is a two part problem. In part 1 you will have 4 minutes to build your solutions and practice. In Part 2 you will have 3 minutes to accumulate score.

Your problem is to build devices that will move ping pong balls out of one box in to another.

The balls in box 1 must be moved to box two, the balls in box 2 must be moved to box 3, and the balls in box 3 must be moved to box 1.

If a ball touches the floor it may not be moved again.

Team members may not touch the floor past the foul line. Boxes must remain in the place they are now positioned.

Score will be as follows:

Each ball in the correct box at the end of time will receive 6 points

Each ball in the wrong box will receive a 1 point penalty.

Each ball removed from the wrong box, but not place in the right box will receive 1 point

Creativity of the solution will receive 1-20

Teamwork will receive 1-20

Make sure there are 10 ping pong balls in each box. There should be 10 of white, yellow, and orange so that they can be easily distinguished. Boxes should have a depth of about 2-3 inches.

Give the teams the following materials to use

2 dowel rods

1 yard stick

1 fish tank net

2 spoons

2 sheets of paper

3 cups

4 mailing labels

2 rubber bands

2 pieces of masking tape

1 piece of yarn 12 inches

Tape off a 6’ x 10’ area. The team may not touch the floor beyond the taped off line. Place one box 4 feet from the north side of taped area, place box Two 4 feet from the east side of the taped area, place box Three 4 feet from the south side of the taped area.