Southlake Carroll Odyssey Of the Mind Board Meeting




Meeting Date: July 27, 2023, at 6.15 pm

Meeting Place: Black Rock cafe


Members in attendance:     Noor Mitwani

                                             Himani Dixit

                                             Saroja Mummini

                                             Sudheera Upadhyayula


Himani: Passed the motion for the previous board meeting minutes, second by Noor


Liaison news:


Noor: Updated the board members with the information from the meeting with Gina Peddy regarding liaison officer for Dargon OM. Gina Peddy said that the district cannot pay for the expenses of the liaison for OM.


Role of the liaison was discussed as below:

      E Blast

      Team Formation

      Spontaneous Spectacular

      Excused Absences


Requirement of E blasts was discussed as below:

      Advertising and spreading the word about OM at the beginning of the school year

      Meet and Greets

      Team Formation night

      After Regionals

      After State Finals

      After World Finals


Noor: To check with Katrina Tatum if she can do the liaison duties for OM


Himani: Suggested to see the possibility of conducting Spontaneous Spectacular at DMS this year


Important Dates:


Meet and Greet:


Virtual: Aug 24th 2023

1st in-person: Sep 6th 2023

2nd in-person: Sep 7th 2023


Team Formation: Sep 21st 2023


Coaches Training: Oct 1st 2023


Spontaneous Spectacular: Nov 5th 2023


E Blasts:


To be sent Week of Aug 14th and again Aug 21st/22nd to spread word about OM


Other ways to Advertise:


Advertisement to happen on Facebook and Whats App groups





      Suggested that the board buys one membership when OM releases  the problems

      To follow up on Whats App coaches group on how many teams are coming back this year

      Suggested, once we release the problems to the returning teams, they get 1 week to decide





Meeting adjourned at 7.15 pm


Next meeting: TBD