Spider’s Web

When the team enters the room, tell them this is a verbal problem

Judge Reads to Teams:

  1. You will have 1 minute to think and 3 minutes to respond. You may ask questions during your think time: however, time continues. No other talking is allowed.

  2. You will receive 1 point for each common response. Highly creative or humorous responses will receive 5 points. This will be the subjective opinion of the

judges and the judges decision is final.

  1. Your team is to take turns in sequence. You may not skip your turn, or repeat, or pass. If one member of

  2. Once time begins, it will not be stopped. If the judge asks you to repeat a response, or to clarify it, or to give a more appropriate response, it counts against your time. Speak loudly and clearly.

  3. Your problem is to imagine that you are a fly trapped in a spider’s web. What would you do or what would you say? For example, you might say "I hope the spider has already had lunch!" (Repeat Number 5)