Long Distance Tower

Tell the team: This is a hands-on problem. You have one minute to decide which 5 team members will participate in solving the problem.

JUDGES READS (after team selects 5 participants): This is a two part problem. In Part 1, you will have 5 minutes to build solutions and practice with the materials. In Part 2, you will have 4 minutes to accumulate score. Any materials damaged during Part 1 will NOT be replaced for Part 2.

Your problem is for each of you to build a tower out of the blocks provided. However, you must each build your tower entirely within the marked off Tower Area. You must build from within a Foul Area. You will build five towers all together.

When part 2 begins, each of you will choose a foul area in which to sit or stand. Once time begins you may not touch the floor outside of your foul area.

To receive score, your tower must be completely within in the marked off Tower Area in the middle. You will have given materials to use, nothing else may be used.

Score will be as follows:

Each one inch of height of your tower will receive 2 points.

Teamwork during Part I: 1-20 points

Give teams the following materials

4 2 x2s 2 yard sticks 1 broom

2 sheets of paper 3 paper cups 1 fish tank net

6 mailing labels 3 small pieces of cardboard 1 piece of string

1 6" piece of masking tape 10 soda straws 15 toothpicks

20 building blocks at each Foul Area (These may be pieces of 2x2 cut into 4" lengths, or could be Playskool™ or similar blocks, or could even be dominos. Remember that so long as the materials are the same for each team, practice problems may be altered according to what the coach has available J )

Site Setup (May be altered according to space you are using.) Foul Areas should be 2 feet away from the Building (Tower) Area.