Every year Odyssey HQ releases new problems that touch in six different areas that have direct connections to real-world challenges and imaginative  themes.

Students will discover and be introduced to fundamentals of STEAM while practicing the skill of working with others to solve fun problems and building solutions from recycled items and components being in innovative ways.  All the while,  they will be working within a budget and learning how to make the most of everything.

2023-2024 Season Problems

The Night Life

Drive-In Movie

AI Tech-NO-Art

Classics... Opening Night Antics

Deep Space Structure

 Rocking World Detour

                              Sponsored by ARM & HAMMER™


In competition, every team solves a spontaneous problem. This part of the competition is called “Spontaneous” because teams don’t know what they’ll have to do until they enter the competition room; spontaneous problems are kept “top secret.” Solving spontaneous problems teaches students to think on their feet and to creatively solve problems as they arise.

*Remember that these are just a taste of the challenge to come.  DO NOT try to solve the problem from this small note.  Complete problem details will be out by the end of August.  Need membership to access the complete problem.