Abstraction Contraption

This is a verbal hands on problem

This is a two part problem. In part 1 you will have 1 minute to think and 1 minute to respond. After you have completed part 1, part 2 will be read to you.

Score will be based on the subjective opinion of the judges, and the judges’ decision is final.

Once time begins, it will not be stopped. If the judges ask you to repeat a response or clarify it, or to give a more appropriate response, it counts against your time. Speak loudly and clearly.

You will receive 1 point for common responses and 5 points for creative or humorous responses.

(Hold up the abstract work of art. A picture by Pollock, Maplethorpe, Miro, Basquiat, or Picasso would work best.) Your problem is to say something about the painting or tell what it could be.

Part 2

You will have 5 minutes to complete this part of the problem. After 5 minutes are up, you will have 1 minute to present your solution to the judges.

Your problem is to create your own abstract piece of art with only the materials provided.

When you are finished or time is up, you will present your solution to the judges in any manner which the team chooses.

Scoring for this part will be as follows

Creativity of the work of art 1-20

Composition and Use of Color 1-15

Creativity of the presentation of the work of art 1-25

Use of materials 1-20

How well your team works together 1-20

Give teams the following materials

5 sheets of different colored construction paper

6 straws

12 different colored magic markers

6 pieces of spaghetti

4 paper plates

1 pie tin

1 roll of scotch tape

1 pair of scissors

20 toothpicks